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“Stellar Skills at Competitive Costs”

Ø  Our Staff augmentation Practice is a full-service technical staffing practice

Ø  Provide leading Information Technology staffing solutions by partnering with our clients to provide short/long term temporary skills

Ø  Genius IT delivers the rightly skilled IT people, at the competitive price, within short time frame

Why Genius IT?

  • Our recruiters have with solid technical understanding of various IT tools and technologies
  • We have wide network of skilled professionals & business partners to get Stellar Consultants within a very short time frame
  • Demonstrated solid business ethics with honest & practical approach
  • Continuous feedback  of consultant’s performance from clients

Distinct value to our clients:

  • Technical Scrutiny: Our more than 20 years of experience in IT, technical depth in various IT products & services and ability to evaluate the candidate's technical capabilities & credentials
  • Rigorous resource screening process: Scrutinize our consultants by “GIT Analysis” which covers critical General, Intellectual and Technical aspects before submitting the consultant’s profiles to our clients.
  •  Saves Significant $$ for our clients : The hiring manager’s time to evaluate consultant is reduced
  • Low Competitive Cost & Timeliness: Our access to vast databases of available skilled consultants & industry-leading network of professionals & vendors, we are able to consistently deliver on client needs at the price they can afford within the time they demand



ü  NOT Just a “Resume Supplier”,  “Technical Experience and Expertise is Our Strength”  to weed out top notch consultants

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